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Ted House and his wife, Claryce, had enjoyed many special moments on the water, with boating being a lifetime passion and source of enjoyment. Time had distanced this couple, now 90 and 86 respectively, from their favorite pastime and the memories they’d collected over the years.

This active Pennsylvania duo relocated to Texas two years ago, and as current residents of The Hamptons Senior Living in Tyler, they’ve enjoyed the leisurely life that comes with retirement. They also reflected on those precious times spent boating with family and friends, or simply enjoying the tranquility that comes with an evening sail together.

That’s when The Hamptons Senior Living Miracle Moment team stirred up the favorable winds necessary to make their dream become a reality. Hannah McMillan, activities director at The Hamptons, saw the open waters ahead for bringing back some of the House’s favorite memories. Through the collective efforts of several local parties, Ted and Claryce were able to spend an evening on Lake Tyler, with T.J. Mathis at the helm of his 22’ keel-style sailboat.

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Mathis offered the couple an opportunity to spend as much time as they desired, enjoying their evening and reliving some treasured memories on the water. Claryce noted it was a perfect evening, with ideal temperatures and a gentle breeze that guided them around the lake to view the picturesque setting found in the beauty of East Texas.

The House’s were most appreciative of the kindness shown to them and for The Hampton’s team of miracle moment makers and those who graciously contributed to this effort. The evening allowed them time to reflect—on the special times they continue to enjoy to this day, filled with memories of a life well-lived.

The Hamptons Senior Living offers “miracle moments” each quarter of the year to either single residents or couples. These miracle moments can include an experience of something from the past or something they’ve always wanted to do. Our goal is to bring residents the happiest of times and experiences.

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